The ATA Bylaws designate the following standing committees and outlines their purpose: Executive, Finance and Audit, Ethics, Membership, and Nominating and Leadership Development. Other committees are established as needed by the Board of Directors.

Committee chairs must be voting members of ATA and are appointed by the ATA president.

Advocacy Committee

Advises the Board of Directors on policy and legislative issues affecting translation, interpreting, and related fields.

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Business Practices Education Committee

Provides members with information to handle the business-related aspects of their profession.

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Certification Committee

Manages ATA’s examination program that enables translators to demonstrate that they meet professional standards.

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Chapters Committee

Represents the interests of ATA Chapters and other regional groups at the national level.

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Divisions Committee

Represents the interests of ATA Divisions to the Board of Directors.

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Education and Pedagogy Committee

Promotes the development and high standards of non-ATA training and educational programs.

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Ethics Committee

Responds to complaints of violations of ATA’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

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Finance and Audit Committee

Oversees ATA’s finances and safeguards ATA’s assets.

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Governance and Communications Committee

Evaluates policies and procedures to ensure they support ATA’s mission.

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Honors and Awards Committee

Selects award winners for outstanding achievements of professional and student translators.

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Interpretation Profession Advisory Committee

Advises the Board of Directors on internal and external initiatives that specifically impact interpreters.

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Membership Development Committee

Recommends and pursues policies to recruit and retain members.

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Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

Develops future leaders to create a slate of qualified candidates to stand for election.

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Professional Development Committee

Develops quality ATA continuing education programs and opportunities.

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Public Relations Committee

Raises public awareness of the translation and interpreting professions.

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Standards Committee

Ensures that ATA actively participates in the establishment and maintenance of language-related standards.

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Strategy Committee

Systematically tracks the language services market to analyze and report its findings to the Board of Directors.

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Volunteers are the driving force behind ATA. Your service is invaluable to the success of ATA committees. Please complete this application to volunteer for the committee that best fits your interest and abilities.

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Mission Statement

ATA’s mission is to promote the recognition of professional translators and interpreters, to facilitate communication among its members, to establish standards of competence and ethics, to provide its members with professional development opportunities, and to advocate on behalf of the profession.